MINI makes a change!

PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Dementia, Depression, Autism, sleep issues–these are all serious conditions that can take a toll on a person’s life, and the lives of those who love them. At NeuroSource, formerly MINI (Memphis Integral Neurofeedback Institute), people suffering from these conditions can find relief, without taking dangerous medication. Unfortunately, there are many imposters offering seemingly similar, yet ineffective services; so, the experts at NeuroSource needed a strategy to make sure their message and their services are communicated in a way that is clear, creative and cuts through the clutter to reach those in need of their help.

Saucy Solutions


We took NeuroSource’s key stakeholders through our strategic branding and on-boarding process to identify their target audience, differentiators, goals and brand promise. This process resulted in a new name, a new tagline and a clear understanding of who they are and who they’re trying to reach.


We designed a new logo for them, procured their new domain and turned it all over to them for an in-house staff member to create their new website. After a few months, NeuroSource’s new site was finished and they quickly realized they’d prefer to invest in a Sauce Site that responds correctly, is laid out consistently, and offers opportunities for conversion. We are currently working on their new Sauce Site and will add it to this case study as soon as it is complete.


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