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A Fresh Approach for JNT.

JNT Natural Medicine is doing some pretty amazing things from outstanding chiropractic care to cutting-edge stem cell therapy. They came to Sauce because they needed some killer printables to hand out at their numerous community outreach events. They also weren’t in love with their logo, and asked us to give it a little more flavor.



The Problem 

JNT’s logo wasn’t quite what they wanted when we got it. Once the logo was in better shape, they were also in need of printables. While we handle much bigger projects for many clients, we can also solve these types of problems as well.

The Goal

JNT focuses on a demographic that responds to more traditional methods of marketing. For example, you'll see their TV ad running during local news. Our goal was to deliver high quality, thoughtfully designed printables that compel their audience to take action.

JNT Brochure

The Results

Sometimes a little change can make a big difference! We gave their logo the Sauce treatment, which we were happy to do. Now, they love it!  We created a trifold brochure and business cards for JNT and we’re happy to be their go-to agency when they’re ready for reprints.

  • Logo Tweak
  • Trifold Brochure
  • Business Cards

Sometimes a little change can make a big difference!


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“I didn't have a crystal clear idea of what I was looking for and so I wanted a creative team that could conceptualize and put that together...and they did exactly that. They took the ball and they ran with it and I'm so happy with what I've gotten back!”
Shelly Edwards

Shelly Edwards
Marketing Manager, JNT