Eat at Eric’s gets a side of Sauce

Eat at Eric’s Grill & Catering serves a full Americana diner menu from a food truck. From their Chicken Bacon Ranch plate to signature Sliders, Chef Eric and his crew satisfy cravings and keep fans coming back for more. Their brand and web presence, however, were seriously lacking, and Chef Eric knew it was time to kick it up a notch! That’s where Team Sauce came into the picture.

Saucy Solutions


Formerly know as “The Food Truck By The Confectionery,” our first task was to conceptualize a name that represented the offerings and resonated with hungry patrons. In a Team Sauce Simmer Session, we narrowed it down to 3 options and conducted a virtual focus group to gain feedback for our client. Ultimately, he chose “Eat at Eric’s Grill & Catering!”


The next step was to build the assets to tell Eric’s story. We went to work building his website, designing his business card, and applying the same style to his newsletter.

Broadcast it!

With Eric’s newsletter opt-in integrated into his website, fans can subscribe and keep up with where and when to find Eric and his food truck. Eric is a true serial entrepreneur and has shifted his focus to his new restaurant. Up until this shift, we managed his subscriber list, sent weekly updates to his audience, and kept the schedule up-to-date on his website.


• Website Design & Development
• Newsletter Integration
• Graphic Design

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