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Brand Repositioning Delivers New Leads

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Bugs don’t come back,
but site visitors do!

Hometown heroes, 901 Pest Control, have been keeping the citizens of the Greater Memphis Area pest-free for over 50 years! Their unique promise that “If the bugs come back, so do we” was a well-known slogan in the Mid-south. A solid reputation supported by honest work combined with word-of-mouth earned their old website a substantial amount of leads. However, their brand lacked a consistent story; their “take no prisoners” attitude toward pests fell flat on their website.

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The Problem

901 Pest Control had many of the elements every brand needs: a logo, a slogan, clearly defined values, and a strong sense of who they were and who their audience consisted of. However, they lacked one of the most important elements every brand requires: a story. A click onto their website revealed a lackluster design and limited information about the company’s services. There was little to differentiate them from local competitors and what they had established through word-of-mouth was being diluted by the digital age.

The Goal

Our goal with 901 Pest Control was to connect the pieces of their business they already had to tell a cohesive story. This would further develop and strengthen their brand identity. We conducted a Simmer Session — our strategic branding workshop where we brainstorm and collaborate with you about your brand — and established that 901’s goal was to communicate their narrative and strengthen their online approach to attract new customers. Shedding a light on 901’s acts of heroism in the war against household pests was an important part of this.

The Result

We established a bulletproof brand identity and bold new website to match. We ensured that their new brochure site wasn’t only visually stunning, but that it also created a great user experience for clients considering their business. To increase awareness of their company, we applied SEO tactics to ensure the site was recognized by Google and boosted organic search. The final product was a modernized online presence to pair with 901 Pest Control’s long-established positive reputation.

  • Brand Repositioning
  • Lead Capture/Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Simmer Session
  • Website Design & Development
901 pest control website on tablet
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